Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Zirconium does Monokem sell? +

We sell Micronized Zirconium Silicates, Zirconium Silicate Flour, and Sieved Sand.

Are the quality of the zircon reliable? +

We ensure the conistency of our products quality by checking the incoming materials and every batches of production with X-Ray machine and Malvern Particle Distribution Analyzer.

Where do Monokem gets their raw materials? +

We source our raw materials from Kalimantan and Australia.

Which products are suitable for ceramic tiles glaze? +

Micronized Zirconium Silicate are best for ceramic tile industries. We recommend MC-111 (64%min), MC-101A (62%min), and MC-201A (50%min).

Which products are suitable for foundries? +

Zirconium Silicate Flours are suitable for Foundries, and Refractory industry. We offer particle size from 200mesh, 325 mesh, and 500 mesh.

Where does Monokem mostly supply their products to? +

Our products are mostly used by Indonesian Customers, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and South America region.

I need a certain specification of product to be fullfiled in my production line, can Monokem provide? +

Yes, we can macth a few required specification. Please contact our salesperson for further details.

How long is the lead time if I make a Purchase Order? +

Lead time is around 1-2 weeks from PO.

How does Monokem ship my order? +

For overseas purchase we can ship up to 26MT/20ft Container, and 30MT per trailer for local purchase.

Can I arrange a visit to Monokem's Factory +

Yes, you definitely can. Please contact our sales team for further details.

Why does Monokem have a wide variety of Zirconium Silicates? +

This allows us to give the most suitable specifiaction and price according to the customer's preferences.

What are the payment terms that Monokem can offer? +

It is required for overseas customers to have some advance payments prior to the loading date. For other types of Payment terms, please contact our Sales Team.

If there is a problem regarding the product, how will Monokem handle the situation? +

We would verify if the main source of the problem by internal checking and have a technical visit to the customer. If the problem is verified to happened internally, Monokem will give compensation to the customer.