Starting with a mere 30 employees, we have expanded gradually over the years and now hosted a workforce of 170 consisting of chemist, technicians and supporting staff, who all have a various background in engineering disciplines. Our employees are one of our greatest assets, and Monokem feels responsible for providing a clean, safe and yet demanding workplace to encourage the realization of their full potential.

Health and safety are basic right for all employees, and we have an established Health and Safety program, which includes the National Medical Scheme, and a mandatory annual medical check-up for all employees to ensure their continued well-being. We supplements this basic program with a comprehensive insurance and benefit package including accident insurance and sickness reimbursement coverage. Finally our Emergency Training System provides emergency and paramedic skills to core teams, whose responsibility is to lead their designated employee sectors to safety in an emergency situation.

In addition to health and safety, continues learning is a fundamental part of our company culture, for which we provide opportunities through in-house training and participation in international workshops. Periodically, Monokem also invites external trainers and consultants to expose our employee to international business practices and industry standards.