Company Profile

Established in 1989, PT. MONOKEM SURYA is a private, 100% Indonesian-owned-company specializes in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals for ink and textile, zircon and ilmenite. Starting 2013, Monokem is focusing more on the development of the zircon products. With office headquartered in Jakarta, and the spacious 64,000 square-meter production facilities are strategically located in the region of Rengas Dengklok, Karawang, West of Java.

In the beginning of 2008, we started solely with the mining and purification of zircon sand to its purity content of 65 % minimum. From our modest beginnings, we have now expanded our product range to zircon flour and micronized zirconium silicate. Our products are widely used in ceramic tile, sanitary ware, tableware, foundry, refractory and other chemicals. They are available in various particle sizes range from 60 mesh to 5 micron. In addition, we will be having a new line production of Titanium slag & Pig Iron in near future. Both products helps us to expand new market to Titanium and steel industries.

Monokem is proud of its standing as zircon & titanium product manufacturer in Indonesia, coupling its environmentally sound production facilities with flexible services tailored to meet the customers` needs. Our emphasis on consistency in both product quality and optimized services has brought us achievement as a renowned worldwide supplier in the industry we are in.

We pledge to continue in delivering of value added products and services by never ending refinement of our capabilities and capacities in view of our being as a trusted global supplier in our line of business.

To be the world class manufacturer of Zirconium & Titanium products.
Monokem Surya will ensure its continuously growth with:
1. Using selected raw materials
2. Implementing advanced technology
3. Continuous improvement of quality and efficiency


In order to build a long term, trusted partnership, we have a dedicated quality control system to ensure the consistency of every batch we produce in accordance with our customers` application needs. Each order is custom-tailored through an in depth study and understanding of the particular needs of our customers, from product specifications, test method, order placement, and packaging, all the way to final delivery.

Each product batch is accompanied by our Certificate of Analysis, outlining the specific product parameters request by each individual customer, as well as detailed information on our test methods. The quality and safety of our products are further guaranteed through accreditation by the National Laboratory Accreditation, which is in line with international industry regulations for chemical products. In addition, we provide legal documentation in compliance with international shipping and import/export regulations, to ensure the timely delivery of our products.

As testament to our efforts and commitment, Monokem has received ISO 9001 certification in compliance to international standard of quality management system.

At Monokem, we believe that success is dependent on providing mutually beneficial solutions. Thus, our Research & Development, Quality Control labs and Technical Teams continue to develop and improve our manufacturing processes and services, so that we may contribute to the success of our partnership.



Starting with a mere 30 employees, we have expanded gradually over the years and now hosted a workforce of 170 consisting of chemist, technicians and supporting staff, who all have a various background in engineering disciplines. Our employees are one of our greatest assets, and Monokem feels responsible for providing a clean, safe and yet demanding workplace to encourage the realization of their full potential.

Health and safety are basic right for all employees, and we have an established Health and Safety program, which includes the National Medical Scheme, and a mandatory annual medical check-up for all employees to ensure their continued well-being. We supplements this basic program with a comprehensive insurance and benefit package including accident insurance and sickness reimbursement coverage. Finally our Emergency Training System provides emergency and paramedic skills to core teams, whose responsibility is to lead their designated employee sectors to safety in an emergency situation.

In addition to health and safety, continues learning is a fundamental part of our company culture, for which we provide opportunities through in-house training and participation in international workshops. Periodically, Monokem also invites external trainers and consultants to expose our employee to international business practices and industry standards.

Why Us

Customer-Oriented Services
At Monokem Surya, we focus on our integrity, professionalism and loyalty in delivering quality products through personalized services.
Focus On Quality
As a trusted partner, we are committed to creating heightened business value and satisfaction for all our entire stakeholders through continued refinement of both quality and services.
Realizing the Future
Our long term objectives are to produce an ever widening range of products to fulfill various industries' needs, and to maintain our services as a reliable supplier of zircon and other products to all our customers.